In many careers, people are required to continually educate themselves. One profession where this is true is people who are in healthcare. Nurses, pharmacists, and doctors must regularly earn continuing education credits to maintain their licenses.

There’s no such thing for my profession. But I must admit I’ve been very lazy about doing anything to refresh and challenge myself to use new approaches and grow circles. Attending seminars and professional meetings is as much about learning as it is about connecting.

I’ve spent this past week at a seminar learning about how to better do analysis. Some of it was common sense that I’ve learned from grad school and my years of working, but there’s always a new way to approach projects. I love doing these group exercises to put the puzzle pieces together and anticipate behavior.

The group exercises helped me better pinpoint one of the reasons I’ve been dissatisfied with my current job – I’m not being challenged to think more strategically. Everything I am involved in is rather short term or tactical. It can be fun, but I’m getting bored because I feel like it’s getting repetitive and not exposing me to the broader picture of our industry and the company strategy. There have been times I’ve felt completely left out of the loop and unable to contribute because I lack insight into management’s vision and objectives.

So the question now is what to do about it?