I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping the past couple weeks. Since my last child was born in the winter, most of my maternity collection is long sleeve and warm. That’s probably not going to work in the peak of summer with the next bundle of joy. So I’ve been debating how much to invest in new clothing (or gently used is possible) that I can wear for the next 3-6 months (including some post-partum time). For some inspiration, you can peek at my collection of pins on Pinterest .

There is one wedding I will be attending in August. Nothing I own is going to work for that so I did decide to invest in one dress. I found this Singaporean designer, Dote Studio, who has some great looking styles. I just received my order for the Madison dress in burgundy and I think it looks great. The style has enough tummy space for me to wear it now, and, I’m hoping, it will still be wearable well after nursing has ended. That would definitely give me my money’s worth.

Another piece that seems pretty flexible is the Old Navy fold-over skirt. It comes in several colors and styles but the blue stripe is my favorite. So many of my maternity clothes are solid colors that this is a nice change and feels much more fun and flirty. You need that when you feel like a waddling whale.

I can’t tell you how many online stores I’ve visited in the past two weeks. There are definitely a few gems out there which I’ll share another time. The other important thing to consider is how much you want to spend and what kind of quality you expect. Places like Old Navy and WalMart will get you some affordable basics, but if you want something that’s better designed and may hold up better after many washings you’ll want to look clothing brands such as Boob Design and Japanese Weekend.