I was very excited to receive my Boob order over the weekend. Based on their sizing chart, I ordered three tops in size small. I assume the size chart is based on your current bust measurement (some manufacturer tell you to go by your pre-pregnancy size). My order included the following:

– Nursing singlet tank in black

– Nursing v-neck with short sleeve in mint






– Nursing v-neck with long sleeve in watermelon

The colors were just as I had expected from the online photos. The organic cotton felt good with a nice stretch. I can see how the overlap will make nursing very easy and discrete.

My one concern was that there was a lot of excess bunching along my back. I am a petite 5’0″ so I expect a little imperfection when ordering EU sizing but this was too much. It’s hard to know how much my bump is affecting this. I also found that the shoulder width is big and causes a gap in the back neck area. I’m hoping a couple washes and hot dryer runs will lessen these issues.

The biggest disappointment was with the nursing tank. Even though the size is small, the length felt more like another size up compared to the two shirts. The two straps of the tank top literally fall off my shoulders. I doubt that any hot washing and drying will be enough to make this tank fit properly. It’s really ashame because I think I would have worn this the most out of the three pieces.

Overall, I would highly recommend Boob clothing (minus the fact I have yet to actually nurse in one). For summer, the breathable cotton will be very comfortable and the quality of the material should hold up well over time. The challenge is that their products are pricey and not easily found in the U.S. My order was from Boob in Sweden which means the shipping was quite high and one must be careful about staying within the U.S. customs quota on purchases. If you can, try a few pieces at a local store before ordering so that you’ll be more confident of the fit.