You know you’re in the home stretch when you start feeling belly hiccups. With my first, it happened three times each day. So far, this one is once or twice per day. It is a good sign that he is taking in placenta fluid as is normal for any baby. The hiccups can be annoying but it is nice to know the baby is fine.

I wonder sometimes if I’m giving this child enough attention. Granted he’s in the womb so it’s not like he would really notice. Still, with our first my husband would talk to my belly every night. Not this time around… It is either tending to our toddler, cleaning the house, or off in his man cave on the computer.

I can’t help wonder if this impacts the baby. What can we really influence at this stage. Does it all even out after a matter of months?

At least the baby hears the stories that I read to big brother. Certainly that’s better than all the tube time I used to spend. I really don’t pay much attention to my diet either. All the paranoia around peanuts, alcohol, fish, deli meat, etc. sure, I’m careful not to eat anything that may be spoiled, over processed, or unnatural, but otherwise I don’t really care. I drink wine once in a blue moon normally so I don’t fret over a quarter glass of wine over lunch. Nuts are great source of protein that keeps me full. Free lunches at work don’t have many non deli options, but I do try to avoid the roast beef. My attitude is that my body and my baby need to learn to fight germs in the real world.